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Somehow it happened that everything that is associated with injections, "beauty shots" is frightening and causes negative emotions. Perhaps because we have listened to horrific stories related to the unsuccessful introduction of drugs rejuvenation, perhaps because we do not want to look like Donatella Versace or we are afraid of adverse effects. Since modern aesthetic medicine is growing very rapidly, the injection procedure has become extremely popular, women get a chance to not only look young, but also to correct the shortcomings of their appearance without surgical intervention.
First of all, do not be afraid of the word "injection" because not everything is as scary as it seems. Everything depends on the qualifications and experience of the doctor who will carry out the procedure, because the good result of the procedure is professional doctor. The doctor should know the proportion of drug dose and rejuvenation. Before treatment you should consult a doctor. The positive point is that at the consultation you can see the doctor is qualified or not. The main thing is not to hesitate to ask about anything that concerned.
To rejuvenate commonly used drugs that have no specific age limit. Most of them can begin to prick since eighteen years, but experts still recommend waiting to stab the young beauties.
From "beauty injections" it is possible to stay young and beautiful, conquer new peaks, catch breathtaking views of men and you are not wasting your time on long rehabilitation periods!
• The horizontal forehead wrinkles;
• between the eyebrows folds;
• Wrinkles in the outer corners of the eyes ( "crow's feet");
• Wrinkles on the wings and back of the nose;
• drooping eyebrows.
• Pregnancy;
• lactation;
• Cancer;
• Individual intolerance or hypersensitivity to the drug;
• nerve-muscle disease;
• Local inflammation in the area of the planned injection;
• Epilepsy;
• Hemophilia (blood clotting);
• Taking antibiotics, anticoagulants.
2 days before the procedure you should not take aspirin, tetracycline drugs. Drugs containing aspirin lead to dilution of blood in formation of bruises. with fish oil is the same story. Also, do not make injections during menstruation.
Through injections stable and even deep wrinkles smooth by relaxing hyperactive muscles. Removes wrinkles in the area between the brows, forehead and around the eyes. The surface of the skin becomes smooth.
After the procedure, you should:
• On the day of the procedure to be upright, not sleep face down;
• To avoid getting an infection, do not touch the injection site and massage it;
• Several days did not take a hot bath; do not go to the sauna;
• Do not drink alcohol for two weeks after injection;
• On the day of the procedure driving the vehicle should be avoided;
• On the day of the procedure and the next day do not use cosmetics at the injection site;
• It is not recommended to visit a solarium and put a warming mask.
Number of procedures: To achieve sustainable and lasting effect it is recommended 2-3 times during the year to administer drug. Dosage and administration place is determined individually for each patient.


The treatment of hair loss in Lviv

The treatment of hair loss in Lviv
Excessive hair loss - unfortunately, is a common problem today. Cosmetic corporations offer our mind a thousand and one way to get gorgeous hair healthy, but those that are well publicized, are not always really effective. Therefore, from today at the center "Mediostar" you can in a short period of time greatly improve the scalp and hair mesotherapy treatments due course.
Mesotherapy head - a procedure which action aims to stimulate blood flow to hair follicles and scalp, using trace elements, vitamins and amino acids that are made by injections.
• Alopecia and androgenic alopecia;
• Excessive hair loss;
• Dandruff;
• seborrhea, itch head;
• fragility of hair.
• Pregnancy and lactation;
• Allergy to any component of the drug;
• The use of drugs incompatible with drugs used for injection;
• Kidney disease;
• The period of menstruation or the premenstrual syndrome;
• disorders of the cardiovascular system, hypertension;
• Diseases of the blood;
• Cancer deseases
• Mental disorders.
The procedure should be delayed until recovery if at this point you have exacerbated any chronic disease.
What contains the nutrient cocktail?
Typically, a cocktail containing zinc, B vitamins, amino acids, sometimes they may include: hyaluronic acid, trace elements (Cu, Mg, Se, Zn, Si), vascular reinforcing material. In addition, the other injectional drugs often include melanin, which prevents the appearance of gray hair and faster hair growth. Cocktails for mesotherapy hair is injected under the skin through a thin needle to a depth (2-4 mm.).So the process is not too painful.
Preparation for the procedure
It is not recommended for a few days before the mesotherapy heads procedure to use styling hair - paints and gels. It is not advised to take painkillers before the procedure because they can cause bleeding. On the day of the procedure you should thoroughly wash your head, but after mesotherapy hair wash will be no earlier than two days.
Number of treatments: 6-12 sessions with an interval of 5-7 days


Contour in the center of laser hair removal and cosmetology "Mediostar" in Lviv

Modern doctors, beauticians are to some extent painters and sculptors because they can not only fix the exterior flaws that annoy women sometimes for years, but make perfect image - the image of beauty and youth. Skilful hands of cosmetologists of the clinic "Mediostar" can take not only extra few years, but also make sophisticated shapes without surgery and unpredictable consequences. The material to create the ideal image are fillers who had already hit their popularity and efficiency. Women, who felt the effect of fillers positively assess not only the result but also the safety of the drug.
Filler or dermal filler in aesthetic medicine - is usually gel injected into the skin by injection. Fillers who use the center "Mediostar" are good for eliminating wrinkles around the mouth, lips for modeling, correcting nasolabial folds, also superficial and deep wrinkles on the forehead. In this case, the skin becomes more youthful and has fresh look.
During the procedure fillers that are based on hyaluronic acid are used. Hyaluronic acid - a key physiological component of connective skin structure, providing a certain level of moisture. With age synthesis of hyaluronic acid slows, the amount of the skin is reduced and therefore the skin loses moisture. That is why the procedure is recommended to do from 27-30 years.
Fillers are differing by density, structural formula the technology that create them. The depth of the drug depends on its structural formula. Despite the differences, the effect of the use of gels is saved in average 6-16 months. When removing wrinkles are visibly rejuvenate.
Advantages of filler over other injectable drugs are:
• These injectable drugs increase the firmness and elasticity of the skin, enhance facial contour, line the skin relief and correct shape of the nose, cheeks and chin;
• Fillers also can be applied to any areas of the body that need proper correction;
• Following the injections fillers are harmoniously embedded in the skin and then remove from the body;
• For others similar injections there are no seasonal restrictions.
• wrinkles;
• sagging skin of medium level;
• Loss of skin elasticity and reduce its tone;
• unhealthy skin;
• correction of lips and other parts of the face.
• blood clotting;
• autoimmune and infectious diseases;
• exacerbation of herpes, skin diseases;
• receiving anticoagulants at the time of injection;
• Pregnancy and lactation.
After the procedure you should refrain from visiting saunas or bath as long as in the areas of administration swelling disappears.

Biorevitalization in Lviv

Biorevitalization (Redermalision) - a fundamentally new procedure for skin rejuvenation is a way to restore it. This is an effective method of correction, thanks to which activation of normal healthy cell metabolism occurs. In addition, through biorevitalization atrophic scars, stretch marks and postacne treat are treated.
The desired effect of complex rejuvenation can be seen already during the first treatment and this effect is enhanced in the coming days and following procedures.
• reduction of skin tone
• dry aging skin;
• appearance of facial wrinkles
• unhealthy complexion;
• hyperpigmentation;
• scars after acne;
• Rehabilitation of the skin after plastic surgery, chemical peels, laser shlifovok.
• severe allergic reaction in history;
• acute infectious diseases;
• pregnancy and lactation;
• exacerbation of chronic somatic and autoimmune diseases;
• dermatitis in the area, in which injection will be done;
• infections in the skin;
• blood disorders;
rehabilitation period after invasive procedures.
• pronounced lifting effect;
• alignment of color;
• smoothing relief;
• improves skin nutrition;
• skin hydration;
• preventing the destruction of cells;
• increases microcirculation;
• rejuvenation effect.

Biorevolyumetrio in Lviv

Biorevolyumetrio - this new injection method aimed at rejuvenation and stop the aging. Preparations of biorevolyumetriyi can maximize natural, safe and effective influence on the skin, providing relief visibility changes of skin and causing structural changes that are the basis of true rejuvenation of the skin tissue.
The procedure is completely painless and safe!
The drug, which is injected subcutaneously with natural ingredients and their action is directed not only to rejuvenate but also slowing the aging process!
• reduction of skin tone;
• dry aging skin;
• appearance of facial wrinkles;
• unhealthy complexion;
• hyperpigmentation;
• scars after acne;
• Rehabilitation of the skin after plastic surgery, chemical peels, laser grinding.
• inflammatory or infectious process in the areas of procedures;
• cancer;
• epilepsy;
• blood disorders;
• pregnancy and lactation;
• antibiotics and anticoagulants.
• improves skin (elasticity, color, elasticity);
• skin rejuvenation (lifting wrinkles and reconstruction);
• slows aging;
• deficits eliminated amount of skin;
• natural and healthy appearance.
The course of treatments: the best effect can be achieved by having 2-6 procedures.


Redermalisation in Lviv

The process of aging is unfortunately irreversible, but humanity in different ways tries to resist it, gradually pushing the frontier of aging.
With the increasing pace of life, physical and psycho-emotional stress, our skin is not only externally loses its attractive appearance, but also the series of physiological aging process occur, namely the cells do not receive enough oxygen and nutrients are not provided with blood and are not cleaned from the decay products.
Taking into account all factors and pathogenic mechanisms of skin aging it is clear that the necessary complex effects on human skin. Such action, in fact, has redermalisational procedure. Redermalisation - a skin rejuvenation by introducing a new generation of drug Hyalual.
The drug Hyalual - a unique patented formula combining sodium succinate hialuron acid that affects all parts of the pathological mechanisms of aging. Succinate provides a powerful effect recovery, blocks the action of free radicals, provides influence on the metabolism of the skin, increasing the cellular and tissue respiration, promotes protein synthesis and stimulates the production of energy. Hialuron acid removes hydrated skin, moisturizing it through completion of deficit of hialuron acid.
How to do redermalisation?
The drug is administered by injection Hyalual in areas most prone to age-related changes:
• face;
• neck and neck area;
• stomach;
• wrist;
• inner thighs and arms.
The concentration of the drug depends on the patient's age, skin type, type of aging, presence and quantity problems.
Redermalisation can be done at any time of year, but doctors, cosmetologists recommend to carry out the procedure before the beach season or after it, because at that time most of our skin dehydrated.
• Correction of premature aging;
• dry thin skin;
• restoration of oily skin;
• postacne correction and pigmentation;
• training and rehabilitation of patients after plastic surgery;
• lifting of oval face;
• formation of nasolabial fold;
• correction of age-related changes of the neck and chest.
The procedure is contraindicated:
• pregnant women;
• patients suffering from boils, systemic connective tissue diseases;
• people who manifested hypersensitivity to substances that are part of hyaluronic acid and sodium succinate.
The number of procedures:
The procedure of Hyalual entry helds 1 time every 2-3 weeks duration is 3-6 treatments, depending on the individual.
Result: Skin rejuvenation through its recovery. The effect is noticeable during the procedure and improving every day.

Redermalisation and postacne in the center "Mediostar" 

Modern aesthetic medicine does not stand on the same place and, consequently, for your beauty every day it establish drugs and treatments that help eliminate multiple problems. Today we are ready to introduce you another innovative way to eliminate the consequences of acne - redermalisation.
After a period of acne illness comes postacne condition. To this skin condition are included  multiple features: enlargement of pores, steady erythema, expansion of capillaries, post inflammation hyper- and depigmentation, scarring, uneven skin texture. The degree of severity of manifestations postacne depends on many factors: age of the patient, timely professional treatment, the severity of skin lesions, the duration of the process and form of inflammatory cells.
It is important to stress that you must first cure acne, and only after the cessation of active phase of acne therapy can begin to postacne! The goal of postacne treatment with redermalisation method is not only to consolidate the results of traditional treatment, but also enhance the appearance of the patient.
During the procedure, a drug used Hyalual 1,1%. Succinate, which is part of the preparation, fights immediately with several problems.
Correction of persistent erythema
Due to the method of redermalisation increases microcirculation and improves blood circulation, normalizes the lumen of the capillaries, blood vessels become more elastic, eliminating the inflammation of blood vessels. Recovery vessels and the microcirculation area leads to a reduction of erythema resulting from inflammation, and further until its disappearance.
Correction of hyperpigmentation
This type of correction is carried out by restoring and strengthening the skin's regenerative. And by enhancing the fibroblasts proliferation occurs additional collagen formation and further development of their own hialuron acid improves skin texture and its look.
Correction of scars
Scars on the skin after the acne is very difficult to correction, especially if it is abnormal scars. If to start treatment in time, the appearance of scars can generally be avoided.
Application of redermalisation for postacne correcting allows you to:
• improve the aesthetic appearance of the skin;
• increase the functional results of traditional treatment of acne;
• control the evolutionary processes in the area of ​​inflammation and preceded pathological scarring;
• shorten rehabilitation after illness.
Redermalisation needs to start with the complete relief of inflammation in the skin. For best results of redarmalisation method can be combined with other postacne correction procedures.
• acute inflammation;
• herpes active form;
• skin damage ;.
The number of procedures: to achieve positive results it is recommended to undergo 4-6 treatments at intervals of 2 weeks.

Dysport in МEDIOSTAR

Dysport - a drug used to reduce or block the action of the muscles responsible for facial movement. Dysport injections remove wrinkles.

There are two types of facial wrinkles: dynamic and static. Static wrinkles are the result of gravity and loss of elasticity of the skin and are usually located in the lower third part of the face. Dynamic wrinkles are the result of human muscle (facial expressions). Typically, these lines are in the upper third part of the face (forehead horizontal wrinkles, wrinkles between the eyebrows, wrinkles of the nose plot, wrinkles around the eyes (known as "crow's feet").
Dyspotr smoothes dynamic wrinkles by relaxing muscles. Dysport is also used to treat hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)
Smoothing of wrinkles in the areas of:
- lines of the forehead;
- between the eyebrows;
- eye "crow's feet";
- wrinkles around the nose;
- treatment of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).
- inflammation in the application of injection;
- cancer;
- epilepsy;
- blood diseases;
- pregnancy and lactation;
- neuromuscular disorders;
- antibiotics, anticoagulants.
Dysport injections do not cause side effects, but in rare cases can occur:
- swelling;
- redness at injection site;
- double vision;
- raising of the eyebrows or omission;
- headache;
- allergic reaction;
- numbness and irritation;
Dysport Duration is about 4-6 months after the first procedure and 6-10 months after the second and subsequent procedures. For long-term and maximum effect it is recommended to administere drug 2 times a year.
Injection procedure lasts on average 3-5 minutes.
- 2-3 days before the procedure does not consume alcohol;
- 2-3 days exclude receiving anticoagulants (aspirin, heparin and others.)
Within 10 days after injection you can not drink alcohol and visit sauna. After the procedure do not massage zones in the areas of injection, do not use makeup and do not carry hardware cosmetology procedures.
Before the procedure, be sure to consult a beautician.
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