Everything about peeling in MEDIOSTAR in Lviv

Peeling occupies one of the first places in the list of the oldest and most sought after procedures. In addition, the millennial practicef using this procedure has allowed her not only to improve but also provide modern woman multiplicity of variations.

What is the peculiarity of peeling procedures?
Peeling in the center "Mediostar" - is, first of all, skin cleansing procedure, which in result removes the upper horny layer of skin, which leads to renewal and accelerate the metabolism of the epidermis.
With age, the natural mechanisms of skin regeneration slows down considerably as a result we get these unwanted irregularities and wrinkles. That's why regular courses of peeling procedures are prophylactic from skin aging.
The main types of peelings:
• surface;
• median;
• deep.
At its core, superficial peeling is a procedure very close to natural cell renewal. It is recommended for the prevention of skin aging, eliminate acne and unhealthy skin tone. Typically, these peels are not aggressive and do not cause discomfort.
Mid-peeling, or as it is called the "golden mean" - a median peeling layers of skin, which aims to eliminate skin blemishes. In addition, the procedure is not lengthy and time to make it possible even during the lunch break.
Deep peeling - this is one of the most aggressive procedures in cosmetology. This procedure should be done dermatologist on an outpatient basis with anesthesia. When applying highly concentrated acids a small burn occurs, which destroys the middle, upper and deeper layers of the epidermis. Deep peeling considered as an alternative to plastic surgery, although it does not eliminate, such bangled skin and deep scars.

• skin diseases;
• hypersensitive skin;
• keloid scarring;
• herpes;
• cancer;
• violation of the integrity of the skin.
It should be noted that exfoliation can be done as a separate procedure and in combination with other treatments, but before that you should consult specialist of the center "Mediostar."
We use only reliable and proven brand professional peels, so every visitor center "Mediostar" necessarily see a positive result.

So what effect can be achieved after peeling procedures:
• soft and supple skin (after the rehabilitation period);
• smoothing wrinkles;
• improve color;
• align skin relief;
• removal of skin blemishes.


TCA peeling center "Mediostar" in Lviv

In search of excellence  women test hundreds of tools and methods offered by cosmetic corporations. And usually well advertised brands merely mask the problem. Our main task  is to achieve long-term results by selecting primarily treatments. Therefore, experts of the center "Mediostar efforts to steer a careful selection and use only effective procedures.

What is TCA peeling?
The main component of TCA-peeling - trichloroacetic acid that penetrates deeply in the skin and cleans it. TCA peeling is categorized to those chemical peelings that affect the middle layers of the epidermis.
Mechanism of TCA-peeling consist of coagulation protein structures of the epidermis, the destruction and removal of damaged skin cells and formation of young cells with uniform distribution of the natural pigment melanin.
C0smetology center "Mediostar" designate TCA peeling at:
• hyperkeratosis;
• fine wrinkles and photoaging manifestations;
• postacne
• hyperpigmentation;
• melasma;
• oily skin prone to acne;
• dim complexion;
• inelastic skin;
• stretching (stretch marks);
• enhanced pores.

Indications for the procedure:
• chronic diseases in the acute stage;
• damage to the skin;
• expressed rosacea;
• pregnancy;
• lactation;
• Fresh tan;
• patient age of 18 years;
• acute inflammation of the skin, exacerbation of dermatoses, herpes infection;
• a tendency to the formation of hypertrophic and keloid scars;
• mental illness;
• neurological disorders (epilepsy);
• hypertension;
• tendency to form papillomas and warts;
• dermatitis of various etiologies.
Benefits of TCA Peeling:
• First of all - it's safe; The main difference of trichloroacetic acid peeling from other components like phenol, is the lack of severe toxic effects;
• availability of clear criteria of depth penetration of trichloroacetic acid;
• good distribution of trichloroacetic acid on the skin;
• minimal training;
• rapid procedure;
• a minimum period of rehabilitation and lack of social restrictions in the case of 15% TCA solution.
What effect can be achieved?
• Deletes the upper layers of the epidermis;
• An increase of synthesis of collagen and elastin of the skin and the result is a lifting of the skin;
• Antioxidant properties of components provides blocking free radicals that helps to protect skin cells from the harmful effects of the environment;
• Eliminated clogging of sebaceous glands and reduces pores;
• Trichloroacetic acid has excellent antiseptic properties and therefore cleanses the skin from most known microorganisms.

Cosmetology center "Mediostar" recommend to undergo course of TCA peeling procedures (3-5 sessions) with an interval of 10-14 days.


Summer peels in Lviv center "Mediostar"

Milk peel
Milk peeling possesses soft renewing effect. It is ideal for hypersensitive skin prone to dryness. Lactic acid preserves needed moisture levels by stimulating the synthesis of ceramides - natural ingredients containment skin that prevent moisture loss from the surface of the skin. In addition, dairy peeling significantly improves skin tone, giving radiance and freshness to it.
• Sensitive and loose skin;
• Dehydration;
• Acne;
• Pigmentation;
• Small wrinkles.
• skin diseases;
• hypersensitive skin;
• keloid scarring;
• herpes;
• violation of the integrity of the skin (open wounds, burns);
• allergic reaction components.
Result: The skin is smoothed and strengthened, reduced depth of wrinkles and slows down the formation of new ones. Returns healing freshness softness, smoothness and elasticity.

Almond peeling
This is superficial chemical peels. Almond acid reduces photosensitivity of the skin, which allows peeling during active sun. Almond acid also causes less irritation and redness than glycolic acid (under similar conditions and concentration), which allows almond peeling with sensitive skin and skin with rosacea. Peeling with almond acid is often used in the treatment for mild acne, but to correct more severe forms of acne it is better to use other peels. Almond peeling is recommended doing before the mid chemical and mechanical exfoliation. Almond acid has a strong antibacterial effect, which is similar to the action of macrolide antibiotics group.
  • Allergic reaction to the components that make up the almond peeling;
  • Open wounds, damaged skin, severely inflamed ulcers on the face;
  • Worsening viral infection;
  • Increased body temperature;
  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • Sunburn.
• Acne (acne);
• Folliculitis;
• Postacne and seborrhea;
• Comedones, dilated pores;
• Shallow wrinkles;
• Inequality skin;
• Age spots, freckles.
The result: improved microcirculation, aligned skin relief, increasing its tone, narrow pores and skin is more elastic and healthy not only inside but also outside.

Ferulic peeling
Ferulic peeling - lifting peel is ideal for all skin types. Nanoliposoms help to solve problems such as pigmentation, acne, dry skin, rosacea, postacne, photoaging, etc. The secret of this peeling is that nanoliposoms composition is identical to human cell membrane and active ingredients penetrate deep into the dermis, precisely those cells that need rehabilitation and care. Moreover it is just a few minutes! Efficiency of nanopilling in most cases is higher  than, for example, classical, and virtually does not have side effects. No discomfort and peeling.
• fine lines;
• photoaging;
• dull skin;
• lowering the tone of the skin;
• pigmentation;
• acne and postacne.
• Allergic reaction to peel components;
• Open wounds, damaged skin, severely inflamed ulcers on the face;
• Worsening viral infection;
• Increased body temperature;
• Pregnancy and lactation.
Result: ferulic peeling has an active effect on the skin. This is a very effective tool, which penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, stimulates the growth of healthy young cells, promoting cell renewal and remove dead cells. In addition, "Hollywood Peeling" as it is called, significantly increases the levels of moisture, making skin smoother , rejuvenates, whitens and tightens the skin.



Peeling ABR: Start, Forte, Premium, Occlusive in the center "Mediostar"

Peeling ABR: Start, Forte, Premium, Occlusive - is peeling of keratinized upper layer of the skin to improve the outside of the skin. This process restores even skin tone, activate regeneration. The result of any peel is smooth skin, which diminishes fine lines and inequality.

ABR Start (medium-deep peeling)
Indications for use:
• light and medium acne rash;
• easy postacne;
• presence of comedones;
• uneven skin texture;
• enlarged pores;
• light pigmentation;
• reduced skin tone;
• scars and stretch marks.
ABR Start (medium-deep peeling) includes:
• сlean the skin;
• preparing lotion;
• basic peeling;
• optional peel;
• postpilinhova mask;
• calming lotion;
• regenerating and protective cream.

ABR Forte (medium-deep peeling with cleansing for problem skin)
Indications for use:
• severe seborrhea;
• moderate acne and postacne;
• rough oily skin with enlarged pores;
• pronounced hyperkeratosis;
• a large number of open and closed comedones;
• preparation for other procedures.
ABR Forte (medium-deep peeling with cleansing for problem skin) include:
• Cleaning and disinfection;
• Beforepilinh;
• Peeling;
• Preparation for cleaning;
• Cleaning;
• Poresnarrowing mask ;
• Protective and moisturizer cream

ABR Premium
Indications for use:
• Dry and thin skin;
• leather hronoaging and photoaging
• stagnant spots, postacne;
• befororbit dermatitis;
• uneven color and texture of the skin;
• dilated capillaries
ABR Premium peeling includes:
• - Cleaning;
• Beforepiling;
• Peeling;
• Postpiling mask;
• toning
• Restoration and protection.

ABR Occlusive (intensive exfoliation)
Indications for use:
• expressed postacne;
• scars;
• deep wrinkles;
• excess eyelid skin;
• keratosis;
• rough porous skin, including nose skin thickening at rynofim;
• pronounced lifting effect;
• pigmentation disorders.
ABR Occlusive (intensive exfoliation) includes:
• Cleaning;
• Beforepiling
• Basic peeling;
• Enzyme Peel;
• Postpiling mask;
• Restoration and protection.
Note: All beauty services in the center "Mediostar" provide highly qualified specialists.


Spring express procedure "Mint freshness" 

After a grueling winter, our skin often reacts to any external factors. Sharp change of temperature, humidity, pollution - all of which can cause the appearance of facial redness, swelling, rashes and skin irritation. These reactions usually occur because of low sensitive skin ability to adapt to changes in the environment. Therefore cosmetologists of the center "Mediostar" offer new express-procedure of freshness and lifting that is based on exclusive line of Holy Land Cosmetics company. This complex helps strengthen blood vessels, eliminate swelling, align skin color and keep dullness of the skin every day.
The procedure includes:

  • make-up remover;
  • Beforepilling (eliminates hyperkeratosis, evens skin surface for uniform penetration of peeling and improves metabolism, tightens pores, smoothes wrinkles);
  • Peeling Alpha Complex Rapid Exfoliator 12% (active ingredients of peeling - fruit acids, L-ascorbic acid and salicylic acid, an extract of figs - promote skin hydration. One of the main components of the peel - an extract of papaya contains papain - a proteolytic enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of keratin.Papain gently exfoliates dead skin cells, evens out skin relief, accelerates cell renewal of the epidermis. All these features make it the papain is also an important participant in anti-aging therapy);
  • Regenerating complex;
  • Nutritious complex;
  • Mask "Strengthening vessels» (Astringent Mask) (mask purifies and illuminates the skin, reduces pores, has a calming effect, reduces capillaries, is used for the prevention of rosacea).
  • Toning Azulen Face Lotion;
  • Applying moisturizing cream (cream of light texture has a unique complex containing only herbal moisturizers. Also, it is a vehicle for active ingredients of any moisturizer gives the skin elasticity, reduces irritation and slows the aging process.

• hyperpigmentation;
• wrinkles;
• uneven surface of the skin;
• enlarged pores;
• acne rash;
• hyperkeratosis.
• skin diseases;
• hypersensitive skin;
• colloidal scars;
• herpes;
• violation of the integrity of the skin.


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