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OXYjet LEO de LUXE at MEDIOSTAR clinic in Lviv 

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When the skin does not need a vacation ... From now at Mediostar - The Clinic of Laser and Aesthetic Cosmetology OXYjet LEO de LUXE - The LUXURY class procedure.

The "Mediastar" clinic will dispel all of your stereotypes about the painful and not quite pleasing skin cleansing procedure.

Now face cleansing is a pleasant and relaxing procedure without redness, which is usually after mechanical intervention

12 stages of oxygen care

• OXY Clear
• OXYdiamond
• Oxygen injection
• OXY Tone
• OXYtone disk
• Manipula for intensive facial massage
• Oxygen aromatherapy

Penetrating deep into the skin, the nutrients fully nourish and restore all its layers, including the deepest (dermis). The skin is freed from the load of dead cells and slags, is saturated with nutrients that accumulate in the upper layers.

Oxygen therapy provides prevention of aging, salvation from wrinkles, elimination of pigmentation, treatment of scars, acne, moisturizing and tightening of the skin Treatment with oxygen therapy leads to a decrease in volume, tightening and overall facial enhancement. Now the full spectrum of cosmetology services is presented in one innovation apparatus: oxygen therapy, lifting, toning and cleaning, cryotherapy and diamond-oxygen dermabrasion.

Only at "Mediastar" the lowest price for the LUXURY procedure in Ukraine is waiting for you - 2500 UAH.

Full range of cosmetology services in one device.


  • Oxygen therapy
  • Diamond Dermabrasion
  • Roller massage
  • Biostimulation
  • Cryotherapy


  • Purification
  • Rejuvenation
  • Lifting
  • Toning,
  • Peeling (grinding);
  • Fighting wrinkles,
  • Fighting with pigmentation
  • Acne treatment.


The most complete version of the device for injecting oxygen therapy. Now the full spectrum of cosmetology services is presented in one innovative device at the "Mediastar": oxygen therapy, lifting, toning and cleaning, cryotherapy and diamond-oxygen dermabrasion.

The Oxyjet LEO de Luxe system allows you to quickly and painlessly introduce into deep layers of skin, unique biologically active drugs. The injection is carried out under the pressure of pure oxygen. This technique is now very popular, and it belongs to the spectrum of LUXURY procedures. Therefore, the device allows you to satisfy even the most demanding customer.

Oxyjet LEO de Luxe at the Mediastar is a procedure for both men who need to look perfect, without any rehabilitation period, and for women of any age category. This procedure is ideal for treating certain disadvantages as well as for those who want to relax and improve the look of their skin.

Oxyjet in the Clinic Medistar provides prevention of aging, salvation from wrinkles, elimination of pigmentation, treatment of scars, scars, acne, moisturizing and tightening of the skin.

In Europe and America, the non-injection technology of Oxyjet is very popular, and foreign celebrities often do not conceal that they are admirers. Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Cudrow, Jenny Eckler, singer Capris, TV presenter Lauren Kelly  is far from complete list of connoisseurs of oxygen therapy. And Madonna and some German artists even agreed to advertise Oxyjet.

OXY Clear

The use of concentrated oxygen in combination with the cleansing lotion OXYclear provides effective purification of pores, along with a soothing and disinfectant effect. Biostimulation with blue light significantly reduces irritation, ideal for use with sensitive skin.

OXYdiamond - Oxygen diamond peeling

Concentrated oxygen and diamond crumb of different metals on the nozzle provide perfect peeling by removing dead cells and contamination, thus aligning its texture and stimulating regenerative processes.


This is a fundamentally new method that allows you to use pure oxygen pressure (2 atm.) For the introduction of active drugs into the deepest layers of the epidermis (up to the basement membrane).

OXY Tone

Manipula for toning and lifting the skin with the help of concentrated oxygen, mechanical massage, biostimulation of low-intensity laser radiation and tonic preparations.

OXYtone disk

Manipula for intensive facial massage.

A special rotating massage disk intensively stimulates subcutaneous fat tissue, thus enhancing metabolism and fission. Therefore, this function is an important tool for treating local fat deposits on the face and neck (for example, double chin), forming an oval face. Biostimulation with red light penetrates deeply into the subcutaneous tissue, stimulates the activity of fat cells, and this helps to reduce local fat deposits. At the same time, concentrated oxygen refreshes and regenerates the skin.



Stimulation with a cooled oxygen stream provides a powerful lifting effect, anti-inflammatory action, helps reduce wrinkles, and is increasingly used in cosmetology to correct many aesthetic skin defects. The combination of the revitalizing effect of concentrated oxygen and the newest dasgs specifically designed for this introduction is the basis of the highly effective care of CRYO2.


This OXYjetTM function is to design a pure oxygen stream (98%) on the skin, which allows you to create a gentle and lightweight stimulating and relaxing skin massage. Moreover, this function is perfect for damaged or irritated tissues due to the regenerative and antiseptic effects of oxygen. All this accelerates and activates the mechanisms of regeneration of the skin.


Inhalations of oxygen with aromatherapy have a detoxifying effect on the body, protecting it from environmental pollution, smog, tobacco smoke, stress, fatigue, providing vital energy in case of its weakening. This stage includes relaxation, the application of mnemonic exercises and concentration, restoring harmony, good health and excellent mood.

BIO2light O2 

Phototherapy is based on the possibility of color light penetrate the skin and depending on the length of the wave to exert a different effect (stimulate the skin, improve blood circulation, provide a sedative, anti-inflammatory effect, etc.).

These color properties in BIO2light O2 procedures combine with the effects of pure oxygen and special concentrates and other means of the Nora Bode. In this case, the patient also inhales oxygen, which allows you to provide a beneficial effect not only from the outside, but also from the inside of the body.

Oxygen phototherapy allows:

• increase skin elasticity, revitalize and stimulate mature exhausted skin to accelerate

• regeneration of the skin after intense cosmetic procedures

• fight the rash of acne, acne

• level the skin tone

• Care for sensitive skin, optimize the balance of skin sensitivity

No needle - soft, effective and painless! Only at "Mediastar" the lowest price for the LUXURY procedure in Ukraine I waiting for you- 2500 UAH. Give yourself pleasure, give a holiday and a spa for your skin thanks to the OXYjet LEO de LUXE at the Mediastar.

W skład procedury wchodzi: 

  • Oczyszczanie HydraFacial
  • Końcówka do eksfoliacji
  • Końcówka do ekstrakcji
  • Końcówka do nawilżania
  • Serum Activ-4
  • Serum Beta HD
  • Serum Antiox 6


  • Odwodniona, sucha skóra twarzy;
  • Zmnięszenie jędrności i elastyczności skóry;
  • Usunięcie objawów fotostarzenia;
  • Usunięcie widocznych objawów stresu i zmęczenia.

Przeciwwskazania do zabiegu:

  • Choroby nowotworowe;
  • Oparzenia słoneczne;
  • Niektóre rodzaje chorób skóry w fazie zostrzenia (wyprysk, łuszczyca, trądzik różowaty, opryszczka)

Natychmiast usuwa:

  • widoczne objawy stresu i zmęczenia;
  • zanieczyszczenia skóry twarzy;
  • odwodnienie skóry;
  • obrzęk na twarzy.

1 h 30 min
63 EUR
Płatność w UAH zgodnie ze stawką NBU
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