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Laser hair removal at Mediostar Clinic

Back and abdomen area
Hand zone
Intimate areas
Leg area
Back and abdomen area
Time Area description Price
20 мин. Back 1600 uah
15 мин. Upper back + shoulders 1220 uah
15 мин. Stomach 600 uah
15 мин. Breast 570 uah
15 мин. Shoulders 570 uah
10 мин. Lumbar area 620 uah
10 мин. White line of the abdomen 330 uah
10 мин. Areola 250 uah
10 мин. Pulse-by-pulse 30-60 uah
Time Area description Price
10 min. Cheeks 350 uah
30 мин. Whole face 900 uah
10 мин. The chin 350 uah
10 мин. Forehead line 250 uah
10 мин. Upper lip 250 uah
10 мин. Earlobes 240 uah
10 мин. Eyebrow 220 uah
10 мин. Pulse-by-pulse 30-60 uah
Hand zone
Time Area description Price
15 мин. Full arms 900 uah
15 мин. Forearm 680 uah
10 мин. Axillary areas 400 uah
15 мин. Hands + fingers 300 uah
10 мин. Fingers 170 uah
10 мин. Pulse-by-pulse 30-60 uah
Intimate areas
Time Area description Price
20 мин. Deep bikini (pubis, labia, intergluteal fold, panty line bikini) 970 uah
10 мин. Bikini (around swimming trunks) 700 uah
10 мин. Pubic area 610 uah
10 хв. Intergluteal fold 570 uah
15 хв. Labia 610 uah
10 мин. Pulse-by-pulse 30-60 uah
Leg area
Time Area description Price
Legs 1900 uah
20 мин. Hips 1110 uah
15 мин. Shins + knees 990 uah
15 мин. Shins 850 uah
10 мин. Buttocks 820 uah
15 мин. Hips (outer, inner, back, front) 650 uah
10 мин. Lap 310 uah
10 хв. Toes 400 uah
10 мин. Pulse-by-pulse 30-60 uah

In our active modern society, people are increasingly paying attention to their physical appearance and beauty, knowing that success in their professional activity, personal relationships and life in general depends on it. To maintain their own beauty and health, people who truly care for themselves choose only the best ways and means of body care, seek only the best specialists in the field, choose beauty salons with the latest equipment and more.

That is why those who really care about the beauty and health of their own bodies, go to the clinic of laser and aesthetic cosmetology “Mediostar”, because only here it is possible to perform laser hair removal on the abdomen, chest and back with the help of state-of-the-art equipment.


After the first procedure you will notice:

lack of ingrown hair; removal from 20% to 40% of hair follicles that are in the active phase of growth at the time of the procedure “Laser hair removal”; disappearance of characteristic skin irritation and black spots that usually remain after shaving; unrivaled smoothness and velvety skin of the treated areas.


oncological diseases; pregnancy (regardless of term); diabetes; skin diseases in exacerbation (herpes, psoriasis, eczema, etc.).

It should be noted that gray, light, fluffy hair is not removed. Also, doctors try to bypass those areas of skin where there are moles, but they are not a contraindication. Doctors do not recommend epilating the varicose veins unless needed.


2 weeks before the epilation session and 2 weeks after it cannot be tan; for 14 days before the procedure, do not pull out the hair in the areas you want to cut; 3 days prior to the session, it is impossible to wipe the selected areas with alcohol-containing means; it is forbidden to carry out the procedure if the patient received antibiotics of tetracycline two weeks before the procedure; Before the procedure, it is necessary to shave the skin carefully, which will remove excess hair.


Due to the individual characteristics of each person, the course of removal of unwanted hair has different duration, on average – from 4 to 8 sessions. The time interval between the first and second procedure is 1 month, between the 2nd and 3rd -1.5 months. There is an interval of 2 months between each successive procedure. Thus, the minimum course of laser hair removal procedures is about one year.


After the procedure, a slight reddening of the skin is possible, which is not accompanied by any unpleasant sensations and lasts for an hour. Due to the temporary increase in the sensitivity of the skin to the sun, it is not possible to sunbathe for about 14 days. In the sunny season, it is necessary to apply sunscreen with a degree of protection of at least 35 SPF to the epilated areas. Choosing the center “Mediostar” for laser hair removal, the main activity of which is classical cosmetology, you will trust highly qualified specialists working with the most up-to-date equipment.


After completing four to eight sessions, you will get rid of about 80% of unwanted hair! In the future, a laser laser hair removal procedure should be done once or twice a year, as there is a concept of “resting hair”.

Laser hair removal at the Mediostar Clinic is performed by the Lumenis Light Sheer DUET diode laser apparatus.


Before starting laser hair removal procedures, our specialists will inform each client of some specific nuances that should be weighed before proceeding with the hair removal procedure.

Juvenile laser hair removal is performed only with the written consent of the parents. CONSULTATION is FREE!

You will surely enjoy us!
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