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Laser Hair Removal Treatment – Resur Hair in Lviv at the Mediostar Laser and Aesthetic Cosmetology Clinic

Head mesotherapy
Laser stimulation of hair growth
Plasma therapy of the head
Head mesotherapy
Time Area description Price
Mesococktail Pluryal Mesoline Hair 1200 uah
Mesococktail Pluryal Mesoline Antiox 1200 uah
Hair loss control men 1550 uah
Hair filler 3800 uah
Mesogenesis 5 ml 2400 uah
Mesogenesis 2,5 ml 1450 uah
60 мин. Mesotherapeutic drug Curacen 1650 uah
Dermaheal HL 1200 uah
Kenalog 600 uah
Laser stimulation of hair growth
Time Area description Price
40 min. Trichologist consultation 650 uah
30 мин. Parietal part 3000 uah
40 мин. Nape 2000 uah
20 мин. Forehead 2000 uah
30 мин. Frontal recession (receding hairline) 1500 uah
20 мин. Brows 800 uah
20 мин. Test zone with a diameter of ~ 2cm 700 uah
Plasma therapy of the head
Time Area description Price
Plasma therapy 1600 uah

Incredible, but a fact! Our specialists were able to achieve the UNREAL! It is possible to treat alopecia at the Mediostar Clinic. One day a patient with a scar on his head approached us. And what a surprise it was when our specialists managed not only to grind a scar, but also to make a fantastic discovery – to stimulate hair growth.

After grinding the scar, the experts set themselves the task: “Can we make the hair grow in the area of ​​post-traumatic alopecia ?!” Gathering a consultant, reading a lot of literature, consulting with many professors, we found the appropriate parameters on one of the lasers and achieved a grand result! In the area where the scar was, hair growth has resumed !!! So now baldness is no problem. You can get rid of hair loss in “Mediostar”. For more than a few months we have been testing and selecting the appropriate parameters on many models and we are GOING !!! In an adult, there are approximately 100 to 150 thousand hairs that grow from hair follicles. Each follicle is genetically programmed to give approximately 25 hairs with a life span of 3 to 6 years. Each hair goes through its own individual cycle, regardless of the neighboring, thus ensuring the homogeneity of the appearance of the hair. Each hair goes through 3 phases:

growth phase, which lasts from 2 to 6 years (anagen); resting phase, which lasts from 2 to 3 weeks (catagen); loss that lasts approximately 3 months (telogen).

The hair will be gradually displaced and replaced with a new one that grew out of the same follicle. With Lumenis Resur FX we stimulate the growth of new hair, so it is possible to cure baldness in MedioStar. In general, you can do the following calculation: 85% -90% of hair are in the growing stage, 0-1% – in the resting stage and 10% -15% of hair in the hair loss stage. A daily loss of about 70 hairs is normal, and in some periods it may be more intense. However, if the loss is excessive, you have to deal with it. Resur Hair – You can cure baldness in MedioStar.


genetic; natural (seasonality, biological cycles); pathological (microelements and endocrine disorders, liver pathology, long-term medication, radiation, stress and trauma).


It is caused by abnormal sensitivity of the follicles to dihydrotestosterone. The hair bulbs in some areas of the head are equipped with receptors that are very sensitive to this hormone, which causes acceleration of “hair escape”. The cycle of hair growth undergoes such changes, as a result of which the proportion of hair in the growth phase (anagen) and the duration of the growth phase decrease, and the hair becomes shorter. More hair is found in the resting phase (telogen), and this hair is more prone to loss due to the daily effects of combing and washing. However, there is a way out! Treatment of hair loss in “Mediostar”. In 30% of men, baldness begins between the ages of 25 and 30. In 50% of men, active hair loss occurs between 45 and 50 years. The age at which the first signs of alopecia appear is very important. If baldness begins at a young age (18-20 years), its development will be rapid and by 30 years it will be definitive. Therefore, it is advisable to contact MedioStar early to stop hair loss. However, if at least half of the hairline has been preserved for up to 30 years, there is a strong likelihood that a person will be balding gradually and baldness may occur up to 50 years.


Most often it occurs during hormonal adjustment, that is, when using contraceptives, after childbirth, in the menopause and after it. The indentation of the hairline on the temples is less likely than that of men, and the hairline is usually kept unchanged. Women usually have fuzzy thinning of hair all over their head, while men usually have a thinner hair. But you can get rid of Mediostar and your hair will be strong and healthy. Laser hair loss treatment in Mediostar – Resur Hair. In the body of a woman, a small amount of androgens is produced by the ovaries and adrenal glands. The ovaries also produce rudimentary hormones that turn into androgens. Androgens cause baldness in women according to the same mechanism as in men. Let’s talk about one of our models. The result of a woman over 50 is impressive. She has been suffering from baldness for 10 years and has tried to restore hair growth in a variety of ways: from cosmetics to darsonval, from meso to plasmotherapy. After Resur Hair, within two weeks of the first procedure, hair began to grow where no hair grew.

You will surely enjoy us!
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